Buying a home with credit imperfections

Buying a home

Did you know you don't need perfect credit to get a mortgage? Most who thought they couldn't buy a home are happily surprised when they find out they can. You do need patience and drive to get there. If you have collection, paid collection or late payment. You still can get a mortgage after the proper steps are taken. This is where patience would come in to wait for the required score, if you're not already there. It can take a month or longer depending on your situation.

It costs you nothing to speak with a mortgage specialist who can guide you in the right direction to getting your home loan started.

Did you know that 30% of all credit reports could have some kind of inaccuracy in them?  You can check your credit for free to make sure there is no inaccuracy. In most cases you can dispute any discrepancies online while you are reviewing your report.

Information on getting a free copy of your credit report is located on this Federal Trade Commission web site:

If you'd like friendly, hassle free assistance in getting your home loan started you can submit a lender request here

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Buying a home

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