Selling Home Bathroom Tips

Bathroom Maintenance when selling your home. It’s not often talked about, but the bathroom sees the most traffic in a house besides the kitchen.  All that traffic can really take its toll.

Here are things to look for in the bathrooms when preparing to place your home on the market.

Make sure that the faucets do not drip in the shower and sinks.

Does the toilet flush without needing to jiggle the handle? Do you still hear water afterwards?

If there are missing handles, knobs or towel racks, get them repaired/replaced as needed.

How’s the floor? Are you on a crawl, if so is the sub floor is damaged in any spots? Do you feel any soft spots when walking? This usually occurs near the tub/shower. Sometimes you can have an ongoing leak you weren’t aware of underneath. If you’re like many others and do not care to crawl under your home, this can sometimes can go undetected.

Fixing these items before a home inspection can save you time & money.

A good old fashion cleaning can sometimes be all your bathroom needs. If your grout is looking a little dirty there are cleaners out specifically for grout. Make sure to clean the bathroom fan cover.

You know those dust bunnies you’ve been looking up at for awhile now, we all do it. Clean the mirrors and remove all personal items from the counter. Replace all bulbs and fill all light bulbs to make it bright. Some of us get used to leaving a few bulbs out for those middle of the night trips.

Place a freshener or a opened bar of soap to give your bathroom a fresh smell.  When you are looking to make a good impression, it is well worth spending some time eliminating any potential negatives your home may have to a buyer.

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