Your home is listed! Now what?

Your home is listed! Now what?  Once your home is listed and out there for buyers to see, the goal is getting buyers to take a tour and make offers. Although we all love first show offers, you may have to show to more than one buyer.

Agents never know when the call for the showing will come. The excitement of buying a home keeps a lot of buyers looking on their phone at homes while they are out touring with their agent.

This is when you may get a call that they would like to see the house in 15 minutes! Accckkkkk!! really? I can't get everything cleaned and picked up in 15 minutes! There very well may be a time like this when listing your home and you may feel irritated, but let me share one of my own experiences.

Here is a true story of my own. Years ago before becoming an agent we listed our home and it was the next morning I received a call from the listing agent and he told me there was an agent outside with a buyer and they wanted to see the house. I was slightly agitated and determined they could not come in! Being a fur baby home I had not vacuumed the floor or furniture, nor had I made the bed or cleaned the bathrooms.  I was a bit overwhelmed and would still have to get the dogs out. I let all my OCD tendencies go and gathered my stuff and dogs and exited the home.  After they left I went back in and made sure to get those chores done for the next showing. Turned out there would not be another showing. We received an offer that day and sold the home.

Is this the norm? No, but sometimes you just never know when that right buyer will walk through the door. That is what selling a home is all about, getting the right buyer at the right time. What one person falls in love with another feels no way I would buy this house.

Feedback is also an important part of the listing process. This can sometimes be a delicate balancing act for agents and sellers. No one wants to hear the negatives about their home, but if it's a feedback that becomes Deja Vu, then it probably needs to be addressed.

Thanks for reading my blog and if you are in the market to sell I would like to interview for the job 🙂

Karen Miller

Helping you sell a home in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake & surrounding areas.


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